Monday, October 24, 2016

On the Road Again

Our stay at Las Jaibas RV Park in Mazatlan was our first week of vacation. We ended up staying for 7 nights which is why you’re just now hearing from us again. The park was great. Our neighbors were great. Our host, Rafael, was great. Plus, we had access to everything we needed so we stocked up before we left. We really needed that week of relaxing. It was hard to leave, but we both knew it was time.

So, today we left – after being jolted awake in the middle of the night by the dogs pushing the screen door open so they could chase three coatimundi (tropical raccoons) trying to steal their food. This is not our video, but it is what I chased off in the middle of the night: Amy decided to stick her head in Rafael's can of white paint before we left.

 Every travel day is stressful, but we’re getting better at it. We start off calmly, panic as we get closer to our destination and can’t figure out if we’re making the correct turns or not, start snipping at each other and then arrive, relatively unscathed, and chill out for a day or more. When we get lost our key phrase has become “This is what we’ll do and we’ll hope for the best.” 
The final leg of the road into Tepic before hitting the city.

Our Mapquest/Google Maps 3 hour trip to Tepic took 5 ½ hours. A small amount of wild driving in the city, but we found our destination, Los Pinos RV Park, pretty directly.

Once again, we’re the only ones here. 12 spaces in the middle of a big city, all to ourselves. The entrance is in the middle of a strip mall off a major street and our little RV park is a slice of heaven behind the strip mall. Amazing. Our own little park. The dogs have no idea how much they’ve lucked out. They’re hardly had to be on leashes. Today, they saw real grass for the first time in almost a month and all four rolled in it – big time. Can you believe we’ve been on the road almost a month?
The entrance to Los Pinos
The entrance to Los Pinos         

Our Park

Lovin' the grass.

Tepic is about our halfway point in Mexico. It’s considerably cooler here and the temps at our next several locations, as we travel across to the east coast, will get colder yet. Just when we had acclimated to the heat and humidity. We’ll probably chill here for one more night then off to the biggest freshwater lake in Mexico.

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  1. Sounds like you hit the jack pot with the grass park. Enjoy!