Saturday, October 29, 2016

Inland We Go

It's been a traumatic few days so we're a little late posting again. Nothing personal, but living the adventure is more important than reporting it.

The serenity of our park setting at Los Pinos was somewhat shattered by the shrill voice of the toddler belonging to the RV park manager (and a set of lungs to back up her voice). We dubbed her "the crow" and her cawing was rather incessant. We still enjoyed the setting, but two nights was enough and off we went again.

The first three + hours of our 6 hour drive to Roca Azul was pretty painless. The drive through the "outskirts" of Guadalajara was two hours of traffic that would put downtown LA to shame. We could have walked it with the dogs on our backs faster than we drove it. Regardless, we survived and made it to our next destination.

Roca Azul is a multi-purpose facility: part sports complex, part apartments/dorms, part park, part RV park. It has 3 swimming pools, a couple dozen dorms/apartments, a soccer field, tennis courts, two huge playgrounds, recreation rooms, snack bar, tent camping and 50 RV spaces. It has the feel of a raucous Guadalajara weekend getaway waiting to happen. Which is why we left on Friday.



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